Our Company

HostHoarders is a web hosting company that specializes in quality web hosting. We offer Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting. The company's image is solely based on the idea of providing people with fair priced high quality products. You'll notice that our products are shaped around this idea and we make sure we achieve just that every day!

Our Hardware and Network

cPanel servers:
Currently our cPanel servers reside in Chicago, Illinois. Our servers have a 1Gbps network connection. This connection is split out amongst our users and shared equally. Each user can be sure that they will have a strong connection with our hosting. Our servers primarily consist of:
  • E3-1240v2 (4 Cores/8 Threads)
  • CloudLinux (64 Bit)
  • 2TB RAID Protected Storage

s1 Chicago, Illinois (cPanel) - (s1.hosthoarders.com)

s2 Chicago, Illinois (cPanel) - (s2.hosthoarders.com)

Our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

At HostHoarders we take extreme care in hosting by providing a secure and strong connection. We strive for 99.9% uptime. Generally we exceed that, but in the unlikely event of issues arising the following applies:

We are NOT responsible for:

  • Scheduled maintenance when announced 24 hours prior to the maintenance.
  • Upgrades, downgrades or changes to your plan.
  • Suspension due to Terms of Service violations, unpaid bills, etc...
  • DDoS Attacks or virus infections/general hacking on our services.
  • Issues caused by the account holder, the account holder's users or his/her services.

We are responsible for:

  • Unscheduled downtime or maintenance
  • Other unrelated downtime / network issues.
  • Unusual or high usage of our services which effect your usage.
  • System restarts that are unplanned

If any of the following actions that we are responsible for occurs submit a ticket and we will compensate you for the time your services were unavailable.

If you have any questions about any of the above information, or would like to know more, feel free to leave a ticket. Somebody will be by shortly to help!

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